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  • The inherent worth of all companion animals.

  • The richness and complexity of the human-animal bond.

  • Partner with people. Harness the creativity and passion of people through collaboration and teamwork.

  • The power of humane education

  • The generous support of our friends and donors, and the vital role that we play in enriching the lives of companion animals and the people who love them.

  • Honesty, diversity, integrity, transparency, and sustainability

Provide a helping hand with Feed, Rescue. Nurture. Adopt and Educate.

The Royal BB Girl's Helping Hand is The Royal BB Girls philanthropic arm. It was established in 2012.  The Royal BB Girls' HelpinHand registered 501(c)(3) public charitable organization in 2017. We are a local based Shih Tzu Rescue that help with the care of them when in need.


We also provide and hold fundraisers and events throughout the year 


  • Rescues: Provide love, food,  and medical care for dogs, as well as, sponsoring other rescues through grants, that will help cover the care of their rescues

  • Service Dogs: Working with other charities or programs that help with training costs for service dogs and costs related to matching or delivering a service dogs with and to a veteran

  • Food Bank: Provide food to families that are in need and work with other charities to help provide food for dogs in training to become service dogs

  • Medical Care: Provide and work through charities through grants to help with medical cost for dogs in need of emergency care for low income families. This is to keep the dogs in their homes, so they are not abandoned or euthanized because of medical cost.

  • Education: Foster compassion towards these animals through education.

  • Spay/ Neuter Program: Reduce overpopulation of these animals through spay and neuter programs.


Virginia Beach, VA, USA


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